UIC Barcelona Annual Scholarship and Aid Campaign #NoTalentWithoutFuture

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Thanks to your help, students like Nadia have a future full of possibilities

UIC Barcelona allocates about 10 % of its budget entirely to financing scholarships and student aid. 

More than 3,300 students benefit each year from the Scholarships and Aids Program.

Meet the faces behind the scholarships

“Without the scholarship, I wouldn’t be a doctor today. Any donation, no matter how small, helps”.

“This scholarship has opened up a world of opportunities I wouldn’t have been able to access if I hadn’t been able to count on it.”

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Thank you all for making it possible!

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The Damm Foundation is committed to UIC Barcelona’s talent with the creation of three new scholarships.

TORRELLA Ingenieria-Arquitectura commits to the training of UIC Barcelona architecture students with the Josep Torrella Scholarship.

Lunet renews its agreement with UIC Barcelona by making a donation that strengthens the scholarship program. 

Your contribution will change their future

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